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50 Free Productivity Dashboards and Templates

Please raise your hand if you think redundant tasks suck.

You know the ones I’m talking about – designing invoices, creating project roadmaps and writing business plans.

Formatting charts and/or designing business invoices can be a time suck that add up overtime. But it doesn’t have to be.

Stop reinventing the wheel, and download a free template or 50.

Here are 50 free dashboards and templates, from Excel to PowerPoint and other software, including web-based applications. Enjoy!

Business Planning & Projections

  1. Unfunnel helps you create a strategic scorecard Excel spreadsheet for your start-up that outlines objectives, customers, awareness, value proposition, hiring, etc.
  2. Chandoo delivers access to a free Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboard plus offers tutorials on implementing and maximizing how to use it in your business to get greater performance from your talent.
  3. ExInFm has an extensive library of financial valuation spreadsheet templates, including capital budgeting and numerous valuation models for deep analysis for business planning and projection activities on all types of business models.
  4. Dashboard Spy connects you with many sources for free dashboards that offer in-depth assistance with business intelligence, planning, and analytics.
  5. My Excel Templates offers numerous types of forecasting tools that help you analyze breakeven points, your financial history and ratios, and business forecasting templates.
  6. Free Excel Dashboards gives you all types of planning templates that focus on cash flow projection, break-even analysis, project performance reports, and SWOT templates.
  7. Excel Models has free Excel business models for different types of businesses, including manufacturers, social networks, digital media companies and more, as well as other modeling, such as GAAP-Compliance Financial Model, Franchise Comparison, and Incremental Revenue Method for Valuation just to name a few.
  8. Entrepreneur has templates for all types of business forms and applications for all types of businesses and categories through its Formnet domain. These free templates, contracts, and forms are offered in Excel, Word, and PDF versions, helping you cover so many aspects of starting and managing a business.
  9. Excel Dashboard School features numerous free Excel-based KPI dashboards, including one for Human Resources and other industry-specific KPI dashboards like their healthcare KPI dashboard.

Project Management

  1. OfficeTimeline has a library of free Gantt chart templates that help you manage all aspects of a project in a visual, easy-to-read way. These templates, which also include other types of project management templates like an Agile management template, Pert chart, Excel schedule, Balanced Scorecard template, task list template, action plan template and more. These templates can plug right into PowerPoint and are fully customizable.
  2. Spreadsheet Zone has numerous project management templates, including Gantt charts, work queues, fishbone diagrams and more. There are also many project management templates designed for specific industries and project types.
  3. Project Management Docs has all types of project and planning templates, including project management plan, feasibility study, statement of work, project status report, scope management plan and systems design document.
  4. Excel Dashboard School has Excel-based dashboards for project management and project status as well as Gantt templates, all for free.
  5. Project Kickstart has free templates for all types of projects and plans for many types of business segments and ideas.
  6. AEC Software has numerous free project management templates for general needs like business start-up and business expansion as well as specific project management templates by industry.


  1. Due offers numerous free templates and a dashboard to track your time on projects and create professional invoices that can even include your logo and brand. You can also invoice in multiple countries and tax systems all for free.
  2. Vertex42 has an invoice template that works with all versions of Excel as well as OpenOffice and Google Spreadsheets.
  3. Spreadsheet123 has a simple, yet highly professional, invoice template that is ideal for a start-up business. It works with Excel versions 2003 or newer, as well as OpenOffice and Google Docs.
  4. Microsoft delivers a library of free invoice templates in both Word and Excel that are perfect for the freelancer and start-up.
  5. Aynax has a free way to print or download a professional invoice template as well as a template for estimates.
  6. Invoiced has an online invoice generator where you can add your invoice, fill in, and send directly or download it for later use.
  7. InvoiceNinja offers a free online invoice creator that automatically calculates and totals your invoice. All you need to do is fill in the basic information and hit the send button.


  1. Microsoft has a wealth of Excel templates to cover practically every financial statement you will need to create for your business, including profit and loss (P&L), balance sheet, cash flow statements, and annual financial reports.
  2. Vertex42 gives you a way to track employee information, hours worked, and payments with its free employee payroll template. It works with Excel 2007 or later as well as Excel for iPad and iPhone and OpenOffice.
  3. Score delivers free templates and guides for creating all types of business financials. These templates include balance sheet, P&L, cash flow, start-up expenses, and loan amortization schedule.26. Practical
  4. Practical Spreadsheets has free income statement, balance sheet, percent of sales income statement templates and more that cover all aspects of your financials.


  1. Microsoft provides numerous free business presentation templates for different types of presentations, saving time and offering a beautiful and professional way for you to create something compelling.
  2. Slides Carnival gives you an extensive collection of free Google slide presentation templates that are divided by categories, including simple, creative, inspiration, elegant, and formal.
  3. Smile Templates has a library of free PowerPoint templates by theme to suit your background and business segment.
  4. Presentation Magazine offers over 51,000 free PowerPoint presentations and backgrounds across all types of themes, color schemes, fonts, and segments.

Marketing & Sales

  1. DemandMetric has an Excel-based editorial calendar template that helps you track media opportunities. The template also includes a way to create and manage a contacts database for more effective media relations planning.
  2. MPlans has dozens of successful sample market plans that you can use as a template for your own business. There are numerous business categories available across all industries and segments.
  3. Tidy Form offers free templates for press releases, marketing campaigns, marketing budgets, elevator pitches, social media strategy, and social media and marketing plans.
  4. Score has numerous sales and marketing templates to cover all aspects of the sales and marketing process for businesses of all sizes. These templates include a sales forecast, marketing calendar, competitive analysis, SWOT, and event planning.
  5. DemandMetric saves you hours of formatting and helps you hone in on all the decisions makers involved in a complex sales process with this free template with specific areas for each stakeholder.
  6. PandaDoc gives you a free templates to invoice, create stunning proposals and consult with clients. All templates are free with account.
  7. Chandoo has many sales dashboards to help you visualize and interpret sales data to adjust your strategies and better understand the impact your tactics are having on your bottom line. There are numerous Javascript-based and Excel-based dashboards to download for free.
  8. Spreadsheet Zone has numerous marketing and social media templates, including Twitter and Facebook scorecards, sales scorecards, and customer satisfaction templates.
  9. Stock Layouts has free design templates for all your marketing needs, including brochures, flyers, newsletters, postcards, greeting cards, data sheets, letterhead, print ads, and more. These free templates are compatible with numerous file formats and design software.
  10. HubSpot created a blog post that listed over 70 different content creation template sources for free designs and templates. The templates included infographics, ebooks, blog posts, press releases, social media content, SlideShare, and more.

Personal Organization & Planning

  1. Microsoft offers quite an extensive list of downloadable Excel templates that can help you with daily living and budgeting. Some of the free Excel templates include household organizer, 12-month calendar, task tracker, personal budget, family budget, daily or weekly schedule, trip planner, gift planner, travel expenses tracker and more.
  2. Win Calendar has free Excel, Word, and OpenOffice templates for schedules and calendars, including school calendars, weekly scheduler applications, and calendars with U.S. holidays.
  3. Pinterest has all types of pin boards with free templates to get organized in your personal life, such as daily and weekly schedule planner templates as well as time management templates.
  4. My Excel Templates has numerous personal Excel-based templates for all aspects of your personal life, including fitness tracking templates, holiday gift lists, college and family budgeting, medication trackers, and housing expenses just to name a few.
  5. Vertex42 offers a wide array of easy-to-read Excel-based calendars in different fonts and colors that are currently available from this year through 2019 with more years to come.
  6. Due Time has a free time tracking tool that will help you keep track of your time. You can record everything that you did during this time, the websites you went to and even what you were doing.
  7. PortfolioSlicer is a free investment dashboard that comes with 40 built-in reports to track your stocks, mutual funds, and other investments as well as create Pivot charts and Excel Pivot charts with its template library. It also has macros that collect real-time stock quotes from Yahoo! Finance.
  8. MyFitnessPal offers a template for tracking your exercise and dietary regimen on a daily basis so all you have to do is fill in what you to and then use this to measure against your personal goals.
  9. Body Building gives you a template for personalized workout logs to stay on top of your fitness and track goal achievements.
  10. Tidy Form has numerous life-focused templates and charts that help you organize your time, nutrition, fitness, finance,s and travel plans.

All of these templates and dashboards are built to put you into the driver’s seat, accelerating productivity and achieving specific professional and personal goals while looking good and saving resources at the same time.

Which type of template are you looking for? Tell us in the comments if we didn’t cover one you wanted then we’ll see what we can recommend.

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