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Open up a little – Nguyễn Hoàng Hiệp

Firstly, about the meaning and purpose of my life 

My dream, and also my idea about the purpose of life is to help as many people as possible, I’ve had this dream since kindergarten. That was a night when I was 4 or 5. I suddenly knew about the idea of death, it might come from a movie I had seen, about some king who tried to lengthen his life by forcing people to make the medicine. But he didn’t succeed. No one ever succeeded. The proof is: there’s no one who is more than 200 years old now. I think I won’t be standing out in this matter. I will die eventually. That’s a terrifying thought for a kid. I was crying and crying, didn’t know what to do. Then I stopped and accepted the fact that I’m going to die. Then I thought, now the problem is how to live. How should I live? Should I live to be rich? To be famous? To write my name on the wall? Or just to be a simple happy people. They finally I agreed to myself that the answer lies in the smiles of dying old people. The people who died smiling has the life that they wanted. I want to have the life I desire so I look into them and I believed most of them die happily because they helped a lot of people, they make people around happy. That’s when we realise our life are meaningful, it’s meaningful because there are people who need us. So I’ll try to help as many people possible to be happy. Starting with myself and the people around me, and the circle will be larger day after day.

Thinking in general, the meaning of life for everything is just to be here among others, and the purpose should be being here well with others. Everything on this planet, they are here because they’re meant to be. They are here because of ultimate vary of coincidences and rules. They exist to continue making the coincidences and following rules. The universe is like a flowing river. Human is like a water mill, it follows the rules of the river, but makes coincidences, because each hand is different and the amount of water each time varies. The purpose of the water mill is to make use of the water flow, to make things better, to be in partnership with something to become complete. But it’s not perfect, it may have bad affects to something else. But that leaves room for it to continue improving. Everything develops in a upward spiral shape. Trying to continue that trend is the purpose of life.

About me doing business 

I want to have a business that serves my purpose of living which is to help others. We will do Nano Investing (to manage and invest very small amount of capital, consult and improve very small businesses). They are the ones who need help the most, and also the most profitable if they do the right way.

In order to do nano investing we must have 4 corner stones:

– Marketing, Business administration & Consulting knowledge: Marketing is knowing what the customers need and how to satisfy them, in other words, that’s also what businesses need, so we can help them. To help people or businesses, knowing what they need is the core. If we try to help people do thing they don’t want or need, that will be the pain for both sides. Business administration is knowing how to help the business. And Consulting is knowing how to tell them.

– Technology advances in Business management(Promoting, Controlling, Resourcing, Analysing, Utilising, Investment distributing). Starting with Promoting (also include Connecting) is the things the business want the most. The reason is clear, it is very short term and bring result (revenue) immediately. That’s the easiest engagement to the market. Then Controlling provides the businesses power to go further. Many businesses are lack of controlling tools and in need of that. Next we provide tools for them to find better resources like capital, human, inputs. Go deeper we provides tools for Analysing and Utilising to make the business even better, and that’s also the foundation for Investment distributing.

– Talents, that’s the core of the businesses, we have to have a method of doing business that absorbs, improves and hand over part of the business to talents, that’s the best way of improving and making a huge enterprise. The Controlling, Utilising, HR management, Inputs Resourcing responsibilities are belong the the talents who are chose for the business.

– Capital – the money. The hardest part of this is to keep the purpose of the business: to help other business, not making a lot of profit. To remain the purpose of helping people, not making a lot of money, the core business must be single owned and serve the purpose of representing me and helping businesses. That will start step by step from the beginning, from the Promoting services to raise money to do bigger things. The Promoting and Connecting company is the “body” company of the system, it transfers knowledge, other technology, people and capital. The “head” is the investing company, it does business Consulting, Analysing, Investing selection, HR resourcing and Capital raising management.

That’s mainly my idea of life and work, I hope you find the purpose and the way our business works suitable to you and your future.

I’m looking forward to our future together, achieving our dreams and celebrate our successes in life.

Let’s be the changes we want to see in this world!

Name Nguyễn Hoàng Hiệp
DOB 27/6/19..
Blood type B
Address Hai Bà Trưng – Hà Nội

About Nguyễn Hoàng Hiệp

Think big, aim high, start small, stay focus, move fast, act bold & never give up.

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